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"I understand your goals and dreams are as unique as you are."

Since I started my career in financial services in 1993, I have always been committed to ensuring my client's financial security and well-being. I believe that what sets me apart as a Mortgage Agent is the quality of my relationships with my clients. To effectively carry out my role, which consists in offering the best solutions possible, I must adapt my approach to each one's personal needs. I'm available for my clients at all times, and I'm always happy to be a partner in their progression, both on the professional and personal level.

My role is to provide you with viable options to achieve your financial security goal. This process involves keeping in mind your values, priorities and budget. I am passionate about listening to problems before prescribing solutions and then repositioning my client's family balance sheets in order to speed up the wealth creation process while taking care of major risks along the journey.

In the office I am supported by a team of administration and technical specialists whose teamwork and follow-through are setting standards of service excellence in building lifetime relationships with my expanding client base. At home I am a proud father of 4 very active children, Ashton, Mackenzie, Riley and Aveleigh. As well step father to Isaiah, Braylon and Caleb. I am actively involved in their sports including coaching, house league, and competitive soccer.

What I do is consolidate all of your family assets into one balanced program so that you can improve your asset accumulation in less time with fewer risks along way. Which means that you are more likely to spend your golden years watching your grandchildren grow up instead of nervously checking your bank balance or the stock market.

Christopher J. Burton

Christopher J. Burton

Christopher J. Burton

Mortgage Agent

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